mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Greg Minnaar signe O'Neal

After a week of wild speculation & and hundreds of emails guessing who will be the new DH Superstar in O'Neal clothing it´s official: South African Greg Minnaar will be representing the Californian clothing and protection specialist O'Neal for the next years!

The rims, the tires, his saddle and Greg´s big feet were obviously already enough for our smart readers to recognize the new "SANTA" Cruz rider on board.

Iris Kuckelberg, Head of Marketing, explains the move: "At O'Neal, we got a long heritage in the motocross industry and the last couple of years we were working steadily on our mountainbike collection. Being one of the very few family-related businesses and still living the spirit of our founder Jim O'Neal, Greg Minnaar seemed to be the perfect match."

"To us Greg is not only a champion on the track but also deep inside", says Iris Kuckelberg. "He simply reflects all our values like authenticity, persistence, strength & real passion. We already did some projects together at the very start of his career and we are really happy to have him back in the team now. Together we hope we can give all riders, who share our love with the sport, something back from our experience and our vision."

Iris adds, "We know we might not be the biggest player on the MTB market yet, but we are very proud of our independence and of our dedication to the sport. Developing and designing apparel and protective equipement is more than our company profile, in fact for the crew and the athletes, it´s a life mission statement."

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