jeudi 14 avril 2011


Press release
"Is with great disappointment that we are announcing the cancelation of the 12th edition of Lisboa Downtown event planned for the upcoming May 7th. We are not pleased by this announcement. However, due to the country’s financial problems that have a direct influence in public and private supports that accompanied the event so far, this result was inevitable.
To go on with an international competition with such high standards, keeping the sport quality and stellar organization for which we have been recognized, without the necessary resources, would result in a very expensive “bill”, putting at risk the future of the event and of our company as well.

Although it’s not time for celebrations we would like to remember some great moments lived on the event:
- Steve Peat’s eight victories (3 time world champion)
- A hundred hours of broadcast, live and deferred to all continents
- The presence of Rubens Barrichelo, Professor Carmona Rodrigues ride, Morangos com Açúcar TV show among many other great moments
- The rainy event in 2010 where we saw the first Portuguese win

We have to mention and say thank you to all the entities and brands that were involved in the event, promising we will do our best to have them beside us in the future. We appreciate as well the involvement of all our partners, athletes and fans that were and always will be in Alfama.

To all the people who had a role in LISBOA DOWNTOWN a huge thank you, leaving the promise of our return in May of 2012 for the event that has been a part of Lisbon for many years and which had brought so many emotions and smiles to inhabitants and visitors of Alfama.

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